care instructions


 Flower Care Guide

 All our bouquets are provided with care guides and correct flower food solution which must be used as not only providing nutrition also contains a biocide to keep the water free from bacteria, always use a clean non metallic vase or container. Fill your vase approximately half full with fresh tap water and then follow flower food sachet instructions, removing any foliage which lies beneath the water level. Then display in a cool location away from draughts, heat (including radiators and tv's) and direct sunlight. To refresh your bouquet every few days remove any faded blooms and change water and re-cut stems.

Handle With Care

Pollen especially lilies may stain carefully remove pollen from any newly opened flowers and avoid direct contact.

Flowers and Plants are for decoration only and are not for consumption

Keep out of reach of children and pets

We recommend that you do not place flowers and plants on unprotected surfaces 

 Plant Care Guide

Keep compost damp but avoid  over watering, direct sunlight and draughts. to prolong flowering remove faded flowers and protect from frost. If your plant is hardy or a bulb once it has finished flowering it can be planted outside in your garden and left to establish.

We offer a 5 day freshness guarantee if our care instructions are followed and you are dissatisfied with our product please contact us as soon as possible after delivery. Contact Us or by phone 01444 484 472